sabato 11 gennaio 2014


I normally propose heavy metal bands, but this time I would like you to know instrumental music’s beauty. Joe Matera is an Australian solo instrumental artist, rock guitarist and recording artist for European based record label W.A.R Productions. He played as lead guitarist in many australian rock bands. One of his original guitar instrumental compositions, Starry Night appears on the soundtrack of the Australian movie Ricky!
Joe Played with some of Australia's top artists such as Dragon, Taxiride and others. He is currently an instrumental rock artist & singer-songwriter. In November, 2011 he released Slave To The Fingers, an all-electric instrumental EP CD with European record label W.A.R Productions. During years, Joe performed with amazing artists and his career kept good going. Creature of Habit is his first full-lenght. In the album we can listen to the song Fallen Angel, a track sung by Joe for the first time. Today we are going to check out Joe's second full length studio album Terra Firma which was released in this month.

The title-track Terra Firma is an excellent classic rock song that reminds us the theme of the trip and the music of the past. It seems we are listening it on the California roads. In the other tracks, guitar’s sound is classical and well set up, the phrases are melodic and clean. We can feel Joe’s energy through his songs. It’s very hard to appreciate an instrumental album, many people prefer listen to different kind of music, but Joe Matera goes over that problem. The acoustic song Shining Star is one of my favorite, it is a sung track. It’s a song which shows off feelings and life’s difficulties. Guitar is  simply perfect. Chorus is pretty amazing and let us think to beautiful things. Joe Matera’s music is deep and fascinating. We can let ourselves go away and forget everyday’s problems. I advice Terra Firma to everybody love music deeply. Good Luck to Joe for his new album! Stay Tuned!


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