sabato 30 novembre 2013


Today I’m gonna talk you about Dead City Ruins, a great hard rock band from Melbourne! 2013 is the year of their second (self-titled) album. It’s also the year of an european tour with Ugly Kid Joe and Skid Row.
I’ve seen this band in Rome, and they’ve been amazing. Their power on the stage is incredible. Listening to the cd you can’t feel all their strenght in the same way you would do in front of them. It’s a rock’n roll band as we like it. Voice is one of the most important thing. Voice’s tone is particular and at the same time perfect for a rock’n roll band, and it’s absolutely high when it needs!  

Riffs are bluesy and remember the past of 70’s and 80’s. Guitars’s tone are great and powerful, solos rock. This band knows her game, no doubt.  It’s impossible not to be carried away by that guys. Have a fucking rock weekend! Here you can listen to the band!

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